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Toddy & Milo

OUR DOGS: both long-and shorthair,top champion lines.Chosen for their genetic soundness in: good markings,deep color,gentle temperament,intelligence and good moving.

PUPPIES: the result of a planned program (which includes health and temperament controls over many generations) ,to produce,at reasonable prices,top quality,gentle,trainable pups.

Full time attention;large enough to be very selective,and ensure quality.

Our History: We purchased Major, our first Saint Bernard in 1955. He was a welcome house pet, who was also very good  with our new born children at the time. Unfortunately he only lived 5 years. In the early 1960's we purchased a female, Pemono's Princess Alphina from Karl Pederson of Pemono Kennels. Princess was a granddaughter of Can. and US Ch. Kobi von Steinerhof. Kobi was imported from Switzerland by Mr. & Mrs. C. Cawker, and had a huge impact on the breed in both Canada and the USA. Princess produced several very good litters for us, including those sired by Ch. Rocharest Fundy King aka Tower, owned by Mr. & Mrs. R. Seaman. The pups produced by Princess and Tower were a line breeding back to Kobi, and were of excellent quality and several became Champion Show Dogs

 With the help of experienced breeders such as the Pederson's and Seaman's we learned about checking pedigree's  with breedings,evaluating dogs,showing,etc.

 To learn more,we attended College classes dealing with genetics, skeletal structure, movement, and general canine health and breeding practices.

 In order to infuse new blood into our stock, we have often brought in males with good bloodlines from established kennels throughout the world, including here in Canada, the USA, Switzerland and the Netherlands. 

 Pups and dogs from here have gone  to France, Greece, England, Denmark, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Bolivia, Holland, Portugal, Scotland, and all over Canada and the US.

We have received "Top Saint Breeder in Canada Award";also were awarded Life Membership in the Canadian Kennel Club.

The photo pages give a little bit a view of our kennel over the years.

Many of these dogs were from the past,others on photo's are still here but getting older,10 years old or over; they stay till the end. We are trying to cut down to a smaller operation,but still keep some very good,top quality younger Saints for the present and near future.
Thank you for visiting here on the web with us.For more information,or questions,you are very welcome to contact us,by clicking on our email address above,or by phone.------ For some new photo's,new pups etc.please see photo's last photo page. 



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